In recent years the number of deaf people in Thailand has increased rapidly. In fact it has developed into a major problem within the Thai social development. Their way of life and traumizing conditions has interested me as a jeweller. I have had the opportunity of working with teachers for the deaf and learning the Thai sign language . This experience has lead to my study of the mental problems and emotions of the deaf. Their concealed emotions are divulged. They feel discriminated through loss of love and their helplessness and being rejected by society makes them bury themselves into their soul. The deaf’s emotions are powerful , full of vitality and have highly significant forces . Their deficiency has enabled them to be an alive death person..

The deaf unable to communicate with words , use other senses all the more . They use their eyes and sign language to express emotions . This has inspired me to transfer my spiritual language into jewellery. In turn my jewellery,a visual art form, could be developed to help those with a sensitivity for visual language to communicate with the outside world. Jewellery in Thai culture is one of the most spiritual art forms because it can connect both mind and soul . Jewellery has various meanings, depending on sacred beliefs and particular piece of jewellery the persons emotions are expressed .The emotion is inherited through generations and with time becomes a ritual. From pre-history to the present time the spiritual belifes have become Thai tradition. My jewellery for the deaf children should arouse their heart as form of spiritual awakening. With the miracle of transformation , the deaf may be able to see thing face to face without social aversion. Their inner darkness may diminish and this will hopefully cultivate positive emotions , uplife and exalt their heart. Since ancient times spirituality has traditionally been associated with the natural world, when the power of the emotional impacted directly upon human existence.


projects which are classed of visual-tactile, sensory experience and spirit of place information, also identify choices that the jewellery would seek The focus of the study is Thailand based due to the fact that the majority of fieldwork will necessarily have to take place there. A series of 3 projects which are classed of visual-tactile, sensory experience and spirit of place information, also identify choices that the jewellery would seek to communicate will be undertaken to explore the responses of the deaf children to various stimuli. This method of research will be recorded on video and the pieces of three-dimensional work produced for the experiments are available and also including a process of collating information gathered in written form. 

The potential outcome for the final synthesis of the jewellery series and proposal will be generated following the evidences. Apart from this, a form of conceptual context which is the embodiment of the relevance within the Thai Buddhist culture can transcend essences by the deaf and replace language with the significant piece as well as achieving enlightenment.

Method of Research

1. Field Research in Thailand 
– analyse needs of different age groups. 
– interviews with government officials concerned with the deaf. 
– close work with teachers for the deaf in specialised schools 
– learning Thai sign language for the deaf. 
– practical experience with the deaf. 

2. Research in England
– contact societies for the deaf. 
– analyse statistics concerning the deaf. 
– check literature on the deaf. 
– Enhance the aesthetic theory and philosophy supported into jewellery context

4. First / Second / Third stage field research 
– carry out response tests. 
– analyse feedback

5. Generation of jewellery creation proposals
– second stage fieldwork testing responses.

6. Final synthesis of jewellery designs as a form of comminication 
-studio production of creation. 

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